I am running for Congress because I believe that our politics have to change. Too many people in our community are being left behind as the status-quo continues to go unchecked. Here in Northwest Indiana, too many of our friends and family struggle just to get by. With once reliable jobs now gone, many of them have slipped into lives of unemployment, poverty, and crime. They have become disillusioned about politics, because it is fundamentally broken for them. 

I want to be a fighter for everyone in our community, so people can have the ability to have a good job, put food on the table, and make a better future for them and their kids. My goal is to bring my experience in DC and here in Indiana where I have fought for those in need, so I can be an effective advocate for the residents of Northwest Indiana. F

Job and Skills Training

My first priority as your representative would be to fight for job and skills training programs, so that people can begin working in growing industries, such as aeronautics, robotics, and data management. Already, I have helped pass legislation that puts aside millions for workforce development grants. I would be a strong advocate for increased funding for these types of job and skills training programs. 


I also want to focus on expanding access to Healthcare. Healthcare is personal to me. As a young girl, I contracted a serious case of pneumonia which almost cost me my life. My father’s health care that he had through his job as a school teacher saved my life. I believe that we should work to build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act while correcting its mistakes. I also want to make sure that we fully fund Medicare and Medicaid, which so many of our residents rely on. 


As a life-long resident of the region, I know the vital importance of protecting our environment. Too often, poor communities and communities of color carry the bulk impact of pollution and environmental degradation. As your representative, I want to increase funding for the EPA and for investments in clean, renewable energy. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Finally, as a young African-American woman, I know first hand that the criminal justice system needs immediate reform. As your representative, I would take steps to decriminalize marijuana use and advocate for the end of private prisons. I would also advocate for the Department of Justice to have a stronger hand to investigate police offenses. 

Over the course of my campaign for Congress, I hope to connect with as many of you as possible. Please reach out and let me know what issues matter to you.